About Us


A.C. Scott Electric Company was established in 1967 by Dexter C. Ricker and Frederik C. Nielsen as a partnership. On May 14, 1968 the company succeeded to incorporate. With the resignation of Dexter C. Ricker in 1984, Frederik C. Nielsen and his wife, Maiken Nielsen obtained 100% ownership of the corporation. From this point forward, A.C. Scott Electric Co., Inc. was operated as a “family-owned” small business enterprise in the State of New Jersey. Frederik and Maiken retired from the day to day operation of the corporation in 1999, relinquishing ownership and operational control to their son, Michael C. Nielsen.


A.C. Scott Electric Company at It's Best

Under past ownership and the leadership of current owner, Michael C. Nielsen, A.C. Scott Electric Co., Inc. has been a successful electrical contractor and small business enterprise for the past 38 years. Specializing in heavy industrial to light commercial construction, we have provided quality and integrity as well as competitive pricing to industrial, commercial, medical, educational, utility and chemical/refinery facilities across New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1967.

We pride ourselves on the commitment and dedication of long standing employees, some of which have remained with the company for the past 30 years. Our staff includes skilled estimators, project managers and field service professionals who will focus on meeting all of our customers’ electrical needs from large power producers to routine preventative maintenance and 24/7 emergencies at a cost effective price. A.C Scott is committed to long standing ‘win-win’ relationships with our customer base.


A.C. Scott Electric Company is a proud member of the following associations:

National Electrical Contractors Association

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

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